Greetings from Pastor John McCord!

I know that one thing I am very bad at is introductions and many people might be curious as to who the two people currently living in the parsonage are, so I would like to take this letter to formally introduce myself and my beautiful wife.

I am John McCord and am the luckiest man to be married to Lydia. We met while serving with a missions agency in Costa Rica. We were there for 10 months and would go back in a heartbeat. Lydia was working in a slum helping with children’s camps and evangelizing. I was working in a soccer ministry on top of a fern farm. I would see Lydia come home from the slums, exhausted, worn, and still bring light into every room she walked in. You tend to fall in Love with a person like that. It was in Costa Rica where we truly understood how important God’s word was to ministry, missions, and eventually marriage. Teaching the Bible became our primary purpose in life.

After coming back to the United States and dating long distance for a year we were married at First Broad Street United Methodist Church on August 5th 2017. During this time I was asked to do some supply pastor work for a church in Church Hill Tennessee. I said yes, thinking I would only fill in for about 2 months or so - it turned out to be a tad longer. We served at Elm Springs for a year and God did some amazing things and truly turned that church into a family, our family. Then God called us to Clintwood.

We are so excited to see God’s plans for this church. We would not be here unless we truly believed that God called and we see God’s plan unfolding already. We are so thankful to everyone and their hospitality. We know that you all care for us and we have only been here 2 months. Thank you for that.

If you would have asked me at any point in my life if I would be a pastor I would have laughed at the question. But God calls and we answer. The great thing is when we answer God’s call we are called into a place worth being, a place that God’s work and good things can be accomplished. Lydia and I will be here until God calls us somewhere else, be it tomorrow, be it 60 years from now.

We enjoy being in Clintwood, Lydia is from upstate New York and her home town is smaller than Clintwood. I am from Kingsport so the mountains and music make me feel right at home. We also have a dopey dog named Bronson (as in Charles Bronson from the movie Magnificent Seven) that completes our family. Lydia and I are so excited to be called your pastors (although just call us Lydia and John) and we know God has great things in store.