Membership Expectations

If you are a member of this church and the church universal there are some scriptural expectations.  
•    Not forsaking the fellowship of believers.  This means that you come to church.  The most important services are the ones we have communion, the first Sunday of every month.  I would call these Sundays ‘push comes to shove Sundays’.  This is low expectation but sets a standard.  Surely the ones who say they are members and Christians can come once a month.  I would like to see you every Sunday though.
•    Give of yourself as a living sacrifice to Christ.  What does this mean?  Your time, money and possessions are the Lord’s.  There are many opportunities to serve the Lord.  Find your niche in the church where you are serving.  Attendance is not serving.  If you want to know your current priorities look where you spend your time, money and energy.  Is it for self or the Lord’s?
•    We as Methodist (that is why we are called Methodist) have a method.  We are accountable to each other.  Leaders have certain responsibilities to certain members of the church.  In the old days it was said that if you missed church someone would come to your door and ask, “How is it with your soul?”.  After that question it was asked if you had any tithes and offerings you like to give.
•    Equip yourself with the Word of God.  You must have both Individual Bible study and group Bible Study.  These are essential parts of being a Christian.  Attending Worship service though good is not group Bible Study.  Watch the Bulletin and Newsletter; there will be several opportunities to attend a group Bible Study.
•    Prayer:  Prayer is also essential to being a Christian.  If you want things to change, don’t complain, pray about it.  There are many forms of prayer and we will have teaching for this.  Powerful individual and group prayers with fasting need to be offered up.
•    Have passion.  Passion is what drives the will.  If your heart isn’t into a project, you will not enjoy it and will probably do it poorly.  The heart cannot be changed by human kind.  Your heart must be offered to God and with your prayers in tears and God will change your heart.  But you must have a love and relationship with God.
•    Have a Witness.  Not everyone is called to be an evangelist, but everyone has a witness.  Your speech, actions, relationships etc. are a witness to the world.   If your life is no better in morality than the rest of the world can you say you have a witness?  Our witness is not how many lives we can change but how much we have changed ourselves.
These seven things are marks of a Christian.  If you don’t do the above can you really say you are a Christian?  We will help each other to obtain these goals.  Never condemning another but offering a hand.  We do all the above with Love.  If love is not part of this then we are doing it in vain.  Holy Spirit guidance of Scripture powered by the Love of God, oneself and each other is the power in the life of a Christian.

Yours in Christ
Pastor Rance Edwards